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Industry Contributions

What is Industry Special Session 

Industry special session is one of the highlights of the APAP 2017, designed to provide a forum for industry professionals to promote, share and discuss their various practical issues and developments. Industry professionals are invited to join in the session by submitting 1 or 2 page long synopsis in their own format. Note that this special session does not require submission of full papers but the approved synopses will be included in the proceedings with contributors’ consent.

 Objective :
Industry Special Session(ISS) is intended to provide a forum for industry engineers (including utility engineers) to share their real experience and issues regarding the power system protection and automation through intensive discussion. In order to lessen the burden of industry engineers in writing a technical paper, we invented “Industry Contribution” as a preparation for ISS.

 Scope :
Industry engineers are encouraged to bring out their field experience on R&D, testing, commissioning, planning, problem-solving, etc. to invoke discussions among participants. Introduction of new technology, new idea and new product is also welcome.

 Preparation :
No limitations for pages and format. Only one to two page-long document in a free format will be enough (please refer to samples below). It will be included in the proceedings of APAP2017 as it is with no review.

[Sample 1]

[Sample 2]

[Sample 3]

 Presentation :
After classified according to the subject, industry special session (ISS) will be organized into oral session. For an oral presentation, 2 to 5 minutes are alloted to each presentation and after all presentation in each subject, an intensive discussion will follow.

 Submission Deadline : August 24, 2017

  Industry Contribution Form

Submission Process

Both submitting a full version directly and step by step approach (From synopsis to a Full version) are equally encouraging.

1Downloading the “Industry Contribution Abstract Form” and fill it out
2Submitting the Abstract by email to apapjeju@gmail.com until July 31, 2017
3Submitting a Full Version of Industry Contribution by email until August 24, 2017
4Checking email for submission acknowledgement

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